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1) Write to schoolboard@seattleschools.org and julieforseattleschoolboard@gmail.com with a letter of support. Feel free to include text from the platform below.  

2) Fill out the form below to be listed as an endorser on the website. 

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Julie van Arcken is a committed education advocate who has collaborated with district families and officials for six years. She brings the experience and knowledge to effectively govern from Day One.

Julie's Platform


Julie approaches decision-making through an equity lens, and will: 

—Support increased funding for underresourced schools, reviewing budget allocation formulas to improve equity

—Work to eliminate racial disparities in Advanced Learning

—Prioritize equity in boundary changes

—Promote cultural responsiveness, including implicit bias training, ethnic  studies, and the recruitment and retention of teachers of color

—Support inclusivity, working to ensure that students receiving Special  Education and medically fragile services are included to the greatest extent possible in the general education classroom as well as in offsite field trips  


Julie understands that the district needs to prioritize engagement with all our neighbors, and will: 

—Hold and attend community meetings with neighbors throughout South Seattle to understand families' emerging concerns and partner on a collective  vision for our kids

—Consider the extent to which community feedback reflects the diversity of the community when using that feedback to inform decision-making

—Volunteer for task force selection committees to support the appointment of BIPOC

—Partner with South Seattle neighbors to recommend best practices for community engagement to the district


Julie is committed to a vision of excellence for all our students, and will:

—Support baseline curriculum at assignment schools, such as world language for middle schools

—Work to ensure that expansion of tech-based curriculum includes equitable, long-term plans for hardware and software support 

—Monitor progress on building remodel plans to ensure schools maintain their priority on the capital funding list

—Champion positive school environments, including celebrations for all schools  regardless of test participation and attendance rates